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So what's an Executive Assistant and how does the relationship work?

Executive assistants are great humans, professional freelancers with serious business backgrounds, who deliver tailored help to people on a variety of tasks. We can dip in regularly, periodically, or during one-off projects. As my client, if you're based in Wales, UK, there are plenty of opportunities to meet regularly face to face, usually over a pot of tea. 

I've never collaborated with a EA before, how do we get started?

The first step is for us to discuss your goals on an initial 30 minute free call, or we meet up locally. This is followed up by a useful summary document, which specifies deliverables, timescales and pricing. If you agree, you sign, and we can begin. You are not tied in at any point, its all easy-in easy-out with 10 days notice. And that's for me and for you.

How do I send over my data and what should I look out for?

At the beginning we will have a short period of 'onboarding' which is just a fancy name for logging into to everything and becoming familiar with your programs and systems. Permissions are tricky things, and we usually need to work closely to move past authentication protocols. But once this has been secured we don't need to revisit these logins again (usually).. 

What about working hours, can I drop my data at any time?

As a regular human, I enjoy sleeping, but if you're a night owl and like to cram at 2am then that's fine. Working hours are generally 9-5 but this is flexible depending on my schedule or if we're working on a project that requires quirky hours. You can send me your ideas as they come to you, I won't get grumpy.

If I'm on a retainer, how do I know where the time and money is spent?

All your monthly hours and tasks are tracked using a Clockify time management app . You'll receive a summary at the end of each month that gives an overview of your hours and all our completed tasks. You can roll over up to 2 hours per month, depending on your retainer package, but we can keep an eye on your needs. 

Hey, I care about data protection, how do I know my IP is safe?

I care about your data too. My privacy / GDPR policy lists out all the safeguards in place to protect your IP. I am also a registered member of the ICO for governance purposes. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) can be bolted on at no extra charge if you work for an international crime syndicate (joke). No data or IP is retained after the end of each contract.  

When am I invoiced, how to I pay and what is the payment window?

Hours are billed monthly in arrears and you are usually given 5 days to pay. It's also advisable to set up a regular SO. Payment and bank details are included on all invoices, which will be sent to your inbox on the last working day of the month. E-receipts follow every payment, so your accountant will be happy. 

Do you take holidays and annual leave? How does this impact me?

Yes I take breaks, but you will be notified of any planned leave well in advance of any date. It is also entirely possible that this won't affect you if you are a remote client. Last summer I worked from my desk in Italy with no breaks in service. (Ciao! - I am half Italian).

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