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10 Hour Retainer

10 packed hours of executive support

Use all admin services on the home page

Great for startups and entrepreneurs

Carry 2 hours over per month or scale up

Catch up meetings if local (CF/SA/NP)

Financial Services Retainer

Aquisition strategy and online registrations

IP protection and regulatory compliance

Brand identity and social channel creation

Web design, automations and blog articles

Contracts and factfinder questionnaires

Financial performance e-newsletters

Online Business Manager

Populated, operational CRM dashboard

Inbox, queries, quotations and leads

Helpdesk, troubleshooting, client comms

Documentation, filing, admin, accounts

Minimum delivery of 40 hours per month

C-Suite Retainer

CRM Management

Regulatory compliance

Conferencing and minutes

Executive reports, academic papers

Training and presentation materials 

Creative Services Retainer

Research and market analysis

Brand Identity and E-commerce platforms

Social channel engagement, product promo

Pop-up studios and retail spaces

Inventory, blogs and e-newsletters

Awards and collaborative events

E-Commerce Manager

Shopify or Squarespace store

Build, population and testing

SEO, social share tiles and favicon
Brand identity package, social tiles

Products, collections and shipping

Got a better idea?

If you have specific tasks that need a different approach, let's chat.

I'm happy to help you get ahead.


£40/hr, ad hoc, all day, everyday.

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